Saddleback hosted customers at Barrett-Jackson

Saddleback hosted customers at the annual Barrett-Jackson event on Jan. 12-20 in Scottsdale, Ariz., as a thank you for their business.

Barrett-Jackson events are widely regarded as world-class automotive lifestyle shows, and the Scottsdale event at Westworld has established itself as one of the premier car auctions in the country. More than 1,800 vintage classics, souped-up hot rods and all sorts of exotic vehicles were auctioned. But you don’t need to be a collector or even a car enthusiast to enjoy the spectacle.

At this year’s event, Saddleback customers were treated to a number of fun activities including:

  • A Bullfighters Only Invitational – Billed as the most dangerous dance on dirt, rodeo clowns with swagger tempted fate for 40 seconds by running around and sometimes jumping over 1,000-pound bulls.
  • A Monster Energy BMX Team Exhibition – Some of BMX’s best riders made their bikes soar over obstacles and performed spectacular tricks.
  • Ford and Chevy Ride ‘N Drives and Dodge Thrill Rides – Attendees got to test drive the latest models or take a “hot lap” on a closed track with a professional driver.
  • A STEM Center – This exhibition provided lessons on science, technology, engineering and math with live demonstrations and panels featuring automotive industry pros.
  • Restoration Row – Car restoration experts built and repaired cars on the spot.

Saddleback customers also were treated to something not many attendees get to do: join bidders in the Muscle Lounge, a private skybox suite that provides an unobstructed view of the auction with food and drinks as part of the package.

Every year we have a blast with customers at Barrett Jackson, but this one was special. Many thanks to all of the customers who joined us!

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