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Our local Customer Support Representatives are standing by to help you with bill payment, billing questions, setup and installation, upgrades, repairs and more. Contact us by phone, email or visit our office on Community.

On this page, you’ll find information and links to:

Customer care contacts

Customer Care Contacts

Our local Customer Service Center is staffed by local experts. We know our Community and our customers. Our local field service technicians and trucks provide rapid response to our residential service customers.


800.611.9753 — Toll-Free

Why Isn’t My Internet Working?

If your internet isn’t working, it may be an issue with the equipment you’ve connected to the internet. Here are a few things that you can do that may help:


If you are unable to connect to the internet, try these steps:


1. Check cable connections. If you’re using a wired connection, check to make sure the cables are plugged in snugly.


2. Check wireless connections. If you’re using a wireless connection, check to ensure that your computer’s wireless networking feature is turned on. There’s a button somewhere near the keyboard that toggles the wireless networking on/off on some notebooks. If you accidentally press that button, your wireless turns off. Look for the wireless icon in the notification area. If it has a red X on it, the wireless networking is turned off on the device.


3. Power-cycle the modem and/or router. Unplug the power cord from the back of your modem and/or router. Check to make sure all the lights on the device are off. Wait one full minute. Plug the power cord back into the device(s). Wait for the internet light or main status light to turn green.


4. Try reconnecting to the internet.
If connecting on a wireless device, remember to check Wi-Fi light status on your modem and/or router
No color/off: Wireless is off.
Flickering green: Wireless is on and data is being transmitted.
Solid green: Wireless is on but no data is being transmitted.

For more troubleshooting assistance, please review our Residential Internet FAQs & Troubleshooting Guide below:

Customer care contacts


If you’re unable to fix your internet issue, please contact Customer Service by phone at 480.362.7150 or email at customerservice@saddlebackcomm.com.

Pay Your Bill Online

If you're a Saddleback business or residential customer, we offer you the convenience of reviewing your monthly statement and paying your bill online. No stamps or envelopes required! 

User Guides

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Residential Internet FAQs & Troubleshooting Guide

This Troubleshooting Guide highlights actions residential Internet customers may take on their own to troubleshoot their connection before reaching out to customer support.


Legal, Policies & Notifications

Legal Notices

Find our policies, disclosures and notifications here.


Low Income Programs

You may qualify for discounts on basic phone service.


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