Business UCaaS

Unified Communications provides one integrated platform for business communications of all kinds — voice, video, messaging, collaboration, call center and more. We deliver on that promise and beyond with our Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) platform, which offers a full range of features and functionality — all as part of a managed subscription service.

Call Recording: Enabling Quality Management & Compliance

If your company makes and takes calls from customers, suppliers or partners, or if you have a call center, then call recording is a must. Most importantly, it can help you comply with regulatory requirements, but it’s also useful for training, ensuring quality and, if needed, resolving disputes.

No Equipment to Buy

No Equipment to Buy

Leverage our enterprise-class call recording platform, located in our secure cloud infrastructure, with no need to add hardware on site.

Offload Management

Offload Management

There’s no need for you to administer and manage the call recording system; our expert engineers do it for you 24/7/365.

Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go

There’s no upfront capital investment required, you pay for the call recording services you need as a monthly subscription.

Ensure Privacy

Ensure Privacy

We offer multilevel access control and partition multitenant resources to ensure data protection and customer privacy.

Scale Easily

Scale Easily

Our cloud-based system can quickly and easily scale to thousands of users across distributed locations.

Support Virtual Workers

Support Virtual Workers

Because our platform is in the cloud, it’s accessible to remote and mobile workers who have an Internet connection.


Our call recording solution is flexible and is integrated with our cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate our call recording solution with third-party applications, such as CRM and help desk systems, to achieve superior customer service and maximum business results.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Web-based User Interface
  • Intuitive Call Search & Playback
  • Multiple Recording Options
  • Look Back Technology
  • Centralized Multisite Call Recording
  • Desktop Phone Integration
  • Real-time Dashboard

Regulatory Compliance 

  • Customizable Access Privileges

  • File Watermarking

  • Audit Log

  • Pause & Resume Recording Triggers

  • Encryption & Advanced Security

Performance Tools

  • Reporting

  • Live Monitoring

  • Customizable Score Cards

Need to Record Calls?

Our call recording solution is simple to use but includes all the advance features  you need for call quality management or regulatory compliance. We’re happy to show you a demo. 

Host Mutimedia Meetings Anytime, Anywhere

It's simple with our on-demand conferencing and collaboration tools delivered as a cloud-based service.

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