Business UCaaS

Unified Communications provides one integrated platform for business communications of all kinds — voice, video, messaging, collaboration, call center and more. We deliver on that promise and beyond with our Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) platform, which offers a full range of features and functionality — all as part of a managed subscription service.

Business SMS: Texting for Business Users

Our Business SMS solution is an add on to our MaX UC UCaaS platform that allows you to easily send and receive text messages between your business phone numbers and smartphones, tablets or other devices. So, if you’re unable to answer a call from a customer, supplier or colleague, you can  quickly respond with a text message. And, you also can receive a text in response.

Support for texting from your business telephone numbers is becoming increasingly important, especially for companies whose customers frequently use their cell phone as a main point of contact. Mobile users frequently text callers – even companies – back. If texting is not supported on the business line, communication with the customer may be stalled, resulting in a poor customer experience or even lost business.


Business SMS enables texting between a direct inward dialing (DID) number on our MaX UC service and an SMS-enabled device via the MaX UC Desktop/Mobile UC client. Features include:

Integrated Communications

Max UC becomes a central tool for all communications – voice, instant message (IM) and text.

Freely Change from IM to SMS

With MaX UC and a mobile number, you can switch between sending an IM and an SMS in the same chat window. This gives you the ability to see chat history between IM and SMS devices.

Mobile Phone Masking

Text using your mobile phone while appearing to be using your desk phone. This feature can help prevent employees from taking customer data with them on their personal mobile phone when they leave the company.

Get Business Texting

Businesses like yours are communicating more frequently with their customers via text. Now, you can, too, using your business phone number. Ask us how. 

Host Mutimedia Meetings Anytime, Anywhere

It's simple with our on-demand conferencing and collaboration tools delivered as a cloud-based service.

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