"Saddleback has always provided the highest level of service and we are extremely happy with all of the services offered and the level of customer care. On a personal level, Saddleback has provided the best service and care that I have seen in my 20+ years of experience in the industry."


— Jack Fritz, Director of Information Technology, Kahala Corporation

Digital Access

Digital PRI, T1 and DS3 Access Services for Voice

Businesses with PBXs, multiple line requirements and high call volumes are guaranteed a flexible solution with Saddleback Communications’ digital T1 and DS3 access service. Our Digital access service can include local telephone service and long distance on the same full or fractional T1 or DS3. Options are what our digital access services are all about.

Local and Long Distance T1 and DS3

Local and Long Distance T1 and DS3 provide local and long distance calls all over the same digital access facility. Multiple trunking options are available for all call types. Whether you need analog service for your key system or digital trunks for your PBX, T1 and DS3 digital access can be configured to meet your specific needs.

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) a feature that routes calls directly to employees’ telephones, without using an attendant to transfer the call. DID station numbers can be assigned by Saddleback or ported over from your current provider.
  • Trunking can be configured for inbound dialing, outbound dialing or a combination of both. Let us help you manage your calling patterns and tailor your T1 or DS3 for optimal performance.

Additional equipment may be required for T1 and DS3 Services. T1 and DS3 Services are for business customers only.


PRI ISDN, our most advanced T1, provides a more sophisticated signaling arrangement that can support simultaneous calls. Call centers accessing customer account information in a timely manner will benefit from our ISDN/PRI.

  • Caller ID on incoming calls to manage and screen each call as it comes in.
  • High speed signaling generates faster call set up and improves customer satisfaction.
  • End to end digital connectivity for a cost effective integration to your PBX.

PRI ISDN must be sold as a full non-fractional service.

Pricing for T1 Access and PRI Service

For more information and pricing, please call your Saddleback Communications Sales or Service Representative at (480) 362-7150.