Business Internet Services

Saddleback provides business-class Broadband Internet and Ethernet services over our all-fiber, highly redundant network.

Broadband Internet Services

Saddleback delivers high-speed Broadband Internet service at a range of asynchronous (higher download than upload) speeds, starting at 25Mbps x 10Mbps and up to 1Gbps x 300Mbps.  

We don’t oversubscribe or aggregate like other “best effort” offerings, our customers get the bandwidth they purchase anytime and all the time.


  • All-fiber network to the business with no copper or coax connections
  • No oversubscription, so you get the speed you pay for all the time
  • Blended 4-Tier IP backbone for diverse carriers and routes
  • Extremely responsive local support
  • Industry-leading service level agreement (SLA)

Need Private Lines?

Get Ethernet and TDM point-to-point connections delivered over our all-fiber, highly redundant network.

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