"The best local telecom/communications company I have ever worked with."

-Alton Chapko, Sr. Telecom Analyst, SHPS


"Saddleback has always provided the highest level of service and we are extremely happy with all of the services offered and the level of customer care. On a personal level, Saddleback has provided the best service and care that I have seen in my 20+ years of experience in the industry."

-Jack Fritz, Director of Information Technology, Kahala Corporation


"Since moving our company into Saddleback Communications' service area I have been very impressed with the skill level and responsiveness of everyone I have dealt with at Saddleback. If you ever have a potential customer that is concerned about moving into Saddleback's service area, let me talk to them. I don't think I would have been able to pull all this off as smoothly if I had been relying on another local service provider.

-Deeon Shepard, Information Systems Director, Safeguard Security and Communications


"Medicis had to select a location with excellent information infrastructure for our new Corporate Headquarters. Saddleback provides the technology to support our business...along with great service. When I call Saddleback, I'm speaking with people that can make things happen."

-Donnie Sigrist, Sr. Network Architect, Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corporation


"Saddleback is the most responsive Telco I've worked with"

-Lee Jacobs, President / CEO, Manage-IT-Networks


"We are amazed at the responsiveness of Saddleback, we have never received this type of service anywhere else."

-Kenny Gibbs, Operations Manager, Immunodiagnostic Systems


"Thank you for acting so quickly on the order, processing, and installation of the PRI T1 line. I think six (6) business days from the time the contract was signed, to actual install is a personal record in my 15 years of IT. That is amazing compared to the normal 45 days I normally see with other carriers."

-Lee Graham, Business and Decision