Internet Services

New Faster Internet Speeds...Up to 15Mbps!  Bundle your Internet and Phone Service for the Best Value!


Internet Service

Our most popular Bundle...
Includes Saddleback DSL service and one phone line...

+ Your Choice of 3 Calling Features

Internet Service

Feature rich...
highest value Includes Saddleback DSL service and one phone line...

+ 90 minutes of free long distance*
+ Choice of up to 10 Calling Features
+ Line Support

Internet Service

Ala Carte pricing is non-bundled pricing for customers that also purchase local phone service from Saddleback Communications, but don't want Bundled Package pricing.

Add Saddleback Long Distance service for 5 cents per minute.

* Free National & Local Long Distance when provisioned with Saddleback PIC/LPIC.


! Add a 2nd phone line for just $5.20 per month!

*Prices do not include taxes or federally authorized surcharges.

New Enhanced! - Our fasted DSL service ever...up to 15 Mbps download speeds...with no increase in price! Saddleback Communications' DSL customers will experience reliable, always-on Internet access for a single workstation or for a local area network. Now with MySupport, Saddleback DSL offers the best customer support available.

 DSL download/upload speed:

  • Up to 15 Mbps download / Up to 1 Mbps upload
  • DSL speed depends on location, phone line qualification, computer performance, and Internet congestion. Higher speeds may not be available in all areas.

DSL Service Activation and Installation: 

There is a $35.00 DSL service activation fee for each DSL service.  Customers must purchase a DSL modem from Saddleback Communications.  DSL Modem purchase price is $49.95.  You may choose professional installation of your DSL service from Saddleback Communications for $49.95....or, you may choose to do your own installation.  

Minimum Computer Requirements

PC Desktop or Laptop/Notebook

  • CPU: Pentium™ class processor min.speed 200 MHz
  • Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista 
  • Ethernet Port (standard NIC card) or a USB port
  • CD-ROM drive


  • iMac™, Desktop Power PC™ or Powerbook™
  • CPU: MacOS 8.5 or higher
  • Ethernet Port (standard NIC card) or a USB port
  • CD-ROM drive (internal/external)

Call Saddleback Customer Service today for DSL service availability in your area. Our customer service representatives are ready to answer your questions. Give us a call at (480) 362-7150.