Inside Wiring

Inside Wiring Line Support Plan

Line Support: $4.75 monthly recurring. This plan covers all inside wiring and includes the following:

  1. Isolate trouble location.
  2. Repair of inside wiring and jacks.

There is no initial charge for activating a line support plan.


  1. No drilling or cutting into metal walls in order to facilitate repair.
  2. Installation of new jacks and wiring or rewiring.
  3. Cable or wiring that runs between or among separate buildings, apartments or dwelling units in multiple tenant buildings.
  4. Complete rewiring for jacks and wiring not installed or existing in accordance with accepted industry standards for telephone wiring. If rewiring is requested this will be completed at the regular labor rate.

Call Saddleback Communications Customer Service at 480-362-7150 with questions, or to activate the Line Support Plan.