"The best local telecom/communications company I have ever worked with."

— Alton Chapko, Sr. Telecom Analyst, SHPS

Saddleback Collocation Services

Saddleback Communications Collocation Services

Saddleback Communications provides collocation services in our carrier class Central Office and Collocation facility. As a Local Exchange Carrier, Saddleback’s Central Office and Collocation facilities are designed for infrastructure reliability and security.

Rack / Cabinet Space

Saddleback Communications provides single and multiple cabinet space or custom Collocation configurations to fit specific requirements.

Network Connectivity

Saddleback Communications facility resides on dual OC48 SONET rings providing multiple redundant options for network connectivity. Saddleback will provide Collocation customers with Internet access service speeds from T1 to 100 Mbps Ethernet. Saddleback Communications can also provide connectivity to your Inter-exchange Carrier or ISP of choice via T1, DS3 and OC3.

Power Services and Redundancy

The facility is protected by M+1 redundant generators; Three (3) 250 Kilowatt generators and eight (8) hours of battery backup. Each generator can support 100% of the collocation facility load. The facility has two (2) power transformers that transform 480 Volt/1200 AMPS into usable voltage. Each transformer operates simultaneously at less than 50% power capacity and is interchangeable. The Saddleback Collocation facility offers multiple power options including:

  • Inverted 120V / 20Amp with battery backup and generator backup
  • Commercial 120V / 20Amp AC with generator backup
  • Commercial 208V / 30Amp AC power with generator backup


Saddleback Communications collocation facilities are equipped with a M+2 chilled water cooling system with a 215 ton capacity. The system provides double plus one backup redundancy on the circulation pumps for the water system. Additional redundancy is provided by a 30 ton backup cooling system on the roof.

Fire Suppression

The facility is protected by a FM-200 Waterless Fire Protection system.

Access and Security

24x7 access to the collocation facility is provided via key card secured entrance.
The facility is protected by 24x7 video surveillance.