"Since moving our company into Saddleback Communications' service area I have been very impressed with the skill level and responsiveness of everyone at Saddleback. If you ever have a potential customer that is concerned about moving into Saddleback's service area, let me talk to them. I wouldn't have been able to pull all this off as smoothly if I had been relying on another local service provider."

— Deeon Shepard, Information Systems Director, Safeguard Security and Communications

Long Distance and Tool Free Service

Saddleback Communications’ Long Distance Services

When integrated with feature-rich local service, Saddleback Communications offers a powerful benefit to small and mid-size businesses: long distance rates and services usually reserved for much larger companies. Whether it's a single business line or multiple T1s, Saddleback customers achieve substantial cost savings without the high-priced dedicated service plans normally required.

Saddleback's Long Distance Services include:

  1. 1+ Direct Dial
    Take advantage of Saddleback Communications' plan that gives you low long distance rates without the requirement for expensive dedicated service connections or long-term contracts. Integra's long distance services are available over basic business lines and digital T1 services.

    Standard Interstate / Intrastate long distance rate: $0.05 per minute. Ask your Saddleback Communications’ representative about lower rate plans.

  2. International Long Distance
    Saddleback features aggressive outbound international rates. Call Saddleback Communications for a rate comparison for those international destinations you call frequently. Click here for Saddleback Communications International Long Distance Rates
  3. Inbound Toll Free Service (800 / 866 / 877)
    Saddleback offers toll-free numbers for inbound domestic calls.

Standard Interstate / Intrastate toll free rate: $0.05 per minute. Ask your Saddleback Communications’ representative about lower rate plans.