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— Jack Fritz, Director of Information Technology, Kahala Corporation

Enhanced Calling Features

Enhanced Calling Features

Feature Description
3-Way Calling Tired of repeating information? Save time by saying it once and connect with two calling parties at the same time. This feature makes scheduling with multiple parties faster and more efficient.
Anonymous Call Rejection This feature allows you to block anonymous calls from callers that have blocked their Caller ID information. Your callers will hear a message explaining that you will not accept blocked calls. Your blocked calls will be marked on your Caller ID display as "Private" or "Anonymous"
Call Forwarding Busy This feature will send calls to a designated number if your line is busy. Calls will be routed to a designated number.
Call Forwarding Busy, Programmable Allows you to control and change the busy forwarding on your line.
Call Forward Fixed Forwards all calls to a specified number. Expired telephone numbers that still appear on business cards or advertising can be forwarded to your new number(s).
Call Forwarding No Answer This feature will send unanswered calls to a designated number after a set number of rings. These calls can be routed to your voice messaging system, answering service or cell phone.
Call Forwarding Variable Forwards calls to a selected local, long distance, or mobile number based on customer preference and designation. As a reminder, you'll hear a short ring on your phone each time a call is forwarded.
Call Hold Allows you to put a caller on hold without disconnecting them.
Call Transfer Allows you to transfer a caller to another number.
Call Waiting Allows you to answer another call while you're on the phone. A special tone alerts you to the call coming in.
Call Waiting ID Two great features packaged together. Call waiting will alert you that someone is calling and the Caller ID will display the second caller's information. This feature requires Caller ID equipment.
Caller ID Manage your calls better by seeing who is calling first without answering the phone. Caller ID will display the information of your calling party and you decide how to handle the call. This feature requires Caller ID equipment.
Caller ID Block Allows you to make calls without your name showing up on the destination's caller ID display.
Continuous Redial

Tired of redialing the same phone number when you get a busy signal? Continuous Redial will let you know when your party's line is available. Your call will be redialed for thirty minutes.

Distinctive Ring Specialized ringing for distinguishing incoming calls.
Last Call Return Provides the number of the last person to call your phone.
Selective Call Acceptance Allows you to determine which calling numbers will ring through to your line.
Selective Call Forwarding Allows you to select particular calling numbers to forward to another number.
Selective Call Rejection Selective Call Rejection will screen and rejects calls based on your specified screening list. Callers that are on the list will be notified by a voice prompt that the party they are trying to reach has rejected their call. Screen up to fifteen numbers.
Series Line Hunting Automatically forwards calls from a busy line to an open line. Permits calls to a busy telephone number to be routed to another telephone number in the same switching office. More than one telephone number can be routed to the same telephone number.
Circular Line Hunting Automatically forwards calls from a busy line to an open line. Allows for hunting to start at the dialed number and continues in ascending order to the last number in the hunt group. Hunting then proceeds to the first number of the hunt group and continues through the group until the idle line is reached or the number just preceding the dialed number is reached.
Speed Calling 8 Assigns a single digit code to 8 frequently dialed phone numbers.
Speed Calling 30 Assigns a two-digit code to 30 frequently dialed phone numbers.