"Since moving our company into Saddleback Communications' service area I have been very impressed with the skill level and responsiveness of everyone at Saddleback. If you ever have a potential customer that is concerned about moving into Saddleback's service area, let me talk to them. I wouldn't have been able to pull all this off as smoothly if I had been relying on another local service provider."

— Deeon Shepard, Information Systems Director, Safeguard Security and Communications

Customer Privacy Policy

Customer Privacy Policy

Saddleback Communications is very concerned about customer privacy. In the normal course of providing services we make every attempt necessary to ensure the privacy of information we obtain. We will work hard in order to serve our customers while continuing to remain sensitive to privacy issues.

How We Use Information

Information we obtain from our customers is necessary in order for Saddleback Communications to provide services and plan for your future use. Your name, address and the services you buy from us are necessary in order to properly provide and bill for those services. When you call us, our representatives make every attempt to serve your needs, account records, invoice records and your calling patterns, and other information is necessary in order to answer your questions.

Information in our records may also be utilized in order to protect our customers, employees or property - for instance, to investigate fraud, harassment or other types of unlawful service activities involving Saddleback Communications or other carriers that we do business with. In some cases, it may be necessary to provide this information to the government or third parties who make a lawful demand for it.

Accuracy, Security and Accountability

Information we obtain from our customers needs to be accurate. If your service information or your personal contact information changes or you see an inaccuracy on your Saddleback bill, please let us know so we can correct it.

Saddleback Communications has information systems that collect and store customer information. These systems have different types of security for the information stored. Saddleback Communications employees are required to keep customer information confidential and are held accountable for any actions which violate our privacy policies.

Disclosure of Information Outside of Saddleback Communications

Saddleback Communications does not release customer information to unaffiliated third parties without your permission unless we have a business relationship with those companies where the disclosure is appropriate.

There are exceptions to this rule. Saddleback Communications might provide information to regulatory or administrative agencies so that they can accomplish their regulatory tasks (for example, responding to a customer complaint). Other disclosures are necessary in order to comply with legal requirements imposed on Saddleback Communications. Saddleback Communications complies with "legal process," such as a subpoena or court orders or other similar demand, associated with either criminal or civil proceedings.

Disclosure of Account Information

If you tell us in writing to release your account information to someone, we will honor your request and provide that information.

Disclosure of Customer Telephone Numbers, Names and Addresses

Sometimes telephone number and name can be released through the telephone network such as when your phone number and name are released through a Caller ID mechanism. How a number may be released through the network will depend on listing status. For example, a person can ask Saddleback Communications to include them in directories (that is "publish" their number) or not. Persons can ask to not be published in directories but included in Directory Assistance (non-listed numbers). Or persons can ask not to be either in directories or Directory Assistance (non-published).

When you order services from us to connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or choose a carrier, we may need to advise them of your telephone number in order that they may provide your requested service. This includes non-listed and non-published telephone numbers.

In addition to the above types of disclosures, Saddleback Communications is required, by law, to make disclosures of customer telephone number, name and address information in certain circumstances, including those described below.

  • We are required to provide listed customer names, addresses and telephone numbers to our directory publishers. Publishers may publish this information in alphabetical or reverse directories that take the form of paper directories, electronic directories over the Internet, or on CDs.
  • In some cases, when you dial 911, your name, address and telephone number information is provided to the emergency service provider. And, by law, we are required to provide this information, including non-listed and non-published information, to emergency service providers and emergency support services providers upon request in a more comprehensive format.
  • If you place a long distance call using a provider other than the one you use on your home phone -- for example, if you place a calling card or third number billed call from a pay phone - Saddleback Communications is required by law to provide billing name and address information to the service provider. This includes names and addresses associated with non-published and non-listed information where the individual has not objected. This information cannot be used for marketing purposes. Your Control Over the Disclosure of Information

You tell us the telephone listings you want to include in our directories and in directory assistance. You also may choose to have a non-published or non-listed number, or to exclude your address from your listing.

As we addressed above, in certain cases you can block the transmission of your telephone number (and name) to those persons you call. Saddleback Communications will update this privacy policy continually to reflect regulatory requirements and any applicable laws.