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— Alton Chapko, Sr. Telecom Analyst, SHPS

Business Flex FAQ

Saddleback Communications BusinessFlex Hosted iPBX

Frequently Asked Questions.....

What is Hosted iPBX Service?
BusinessFlex Hosted iPBX is the next generation of business phone and Internet service utilizing state-of-the-art Hosted Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. The service integrates local telephone service, IP business phones and high speed Internet....all for one low price per seat. BusinessFlex iPBX provides small and medium businesses with service and features generally available only to large companies....without the cost, hassle and limitations of owning a traditional phone system.

Who can benefit from Hosted iPBX services?
Saddleback’s solution is designed for all businesses and organizations providing them with the same telecommunications infrastructure and features that were once only affordable to large Fortune 500 companies. The service is ideal for those needing constant connectivity with staff and clients because of its simultaneous ring and voice mail to email ability-allowing your calls to follow you regardless of your location.

How does BusinessFlex hosted iPBX service differ from traditional phone services?
In the past businesses connected phone systems to the public telephone network with basic lines or trunks and all data connections, or Internet lines, required separate cabling to the office location. Technology eventually made it possible to integrate connections to offer both phone and Internet services on one dedicated connection. Further advances created the IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system capable of taking better advantage of existing VoIP technology and allows for a more efficient use of internal wiring.

Saddleback Communications has taken business communications to the next level and now provides a fully hosted private IP solution where the intelligence of the system is hosted in a secure central location and monitored 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. The solution gives companies all the features and efficiencies of an IP PBX without the outside cost of purchasing the equipment. The service eliminates upfront capital costs and additional maintenance contracts... and the customer does not need additional resources to care for the system.

How does Saddleback differ from other VoIP providers?
Saddleback uses a private internet connection verses using the public internet that other VoIP providers typically use. The BusinessFlex Hosted iPBX service is a fully hosted solution, which means there is no longer a need to purchase an expensive on-site PBX. Saddleback houses or “Hosts” the PBX intelligence in our safe, environmentally controlled Central Office facility. Hosted iPBX includes the latest IP features in the basic package, including Unified Messaging with voice mail to e-mail and simultaneous cellular ring.

Can Saddleback’s service save a company time and money?
Saddleback provides all the equipment and services for one flat monthly per seat fee and no costly hidden surprises. Because Hosted iPBX is a fully hosted solution, businesses can save between $20,000 and $40,000 of the costs it typically takes to purchase and maintain their own PBX phone system. Maintenance is included in the simple, per seat pricing....no need for separate maintenance contracts as with traditional PBX’s. AND...the service includes a minimum of 2,000 minutes per month of domestic long distance service at no additional cost.