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— Alton Chapko, Sr. Telecom Analyst, SHPS

Business Flex

BusinessFlex Hosted iPBX

The Smart, Hassle-Free Integrated Communications Solution for Business...see our Hosted IP video demo!

Simple, Cost Effective Per Seat Pricing

Saddleback Communications' BusinessFlex iPBX is a hosted, fully managed voice and data solution which integrates local telephone service, IP business phones and high speed Internet....all for one low price per seat. 

  • No upfront cost for equipment and phones
  • Bundled price includes everything you need - phone system, long distance, equipment and Internet access
  • Popular features such as simultaneous ring, auto attendant, hunt groups and music-on-hold
  • Network-based service means Hosted Voice
  • Optional Mobility Package enables you to integrate your iPhone or Android devices
  • Scalable to meet your changing business needs


Hosted iPBX is truly the last phone system you'll ever need. It delives best-in-class capabilities at a price that's affordable for all. Hosted iPBX has a lot of advantages as compared to "premise-based" phone systems, namely low capital expenses, predictable billing, business continuity benefits and no obsolescence. It has everything you need to run your business and be more productive.

Included with the price of each "seat", or user is:

  • Full feature set plus a web portal to customize the business or employee experience
  • Brand new Mitel/Aastra or Polycom IP phone
  • Business-wide features such as Hunt Groups, Auto Attendant and Music-on-Hold
  • Saddleback Broadband Internet Access - 15 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload (upgrade to higher speeds available)
  • Domestic Long Distance minutes - 500 minutes per seat per month, aggregated

There are no hidden costs - you simply pay a flat rate per phone per month and that's it. As your business expands, you can simply add new users to your account. Have a remote employee? The power of Hosed iPBX enables you to put a phone virtually anywhere with an Internet connection and have it work seamlessly with the rest of your business.


Administer the Service through the CommPortal Web Portal

Hosted iPBX provides a convenient web portal access that makes it easy to listen to voicemail, view faxes, and change call handling rules for your business phone number. In addition to the user portals, the administrator has a separate portal to manage business level features.

Call Park/Hold/TransferX 
Call WaitingX 
Calling Name/Number Delivery (Caller ID)X 
Account CodesX 
Call Pickup GroupsX 
Call Paging GroupsX 
Short CodesX 
Multi Line Hunt GroupsX 
End User Web PortalX 
Automatic CallbackX 
Busy/Delayed Call ForwardingX 
Do Not DisturbX 
Selective Call Forwarding/RejectionX 
Voicemail w/email notificationX 
Network Based Contacts DatabaseX 
Bridged/Shared Line AppearanceX 
Line State MonitoringX 
Simultaneous Ring/Find-me, Follow-meX 
Distinctive RingingX 
Incoming Call Manager/Time of Day Routing X
Speech-to-text Voicemail Transcription X
ACD Call Center Agents/Supervisor X
Call Recording X
Accession Mobility Clients for IOS and Android X
Administrative Features included on every Host iPBX  
Administrator Web PortalX 
Auto AttendantX 
Subscriber Moves, Adds, ChangesX 
Department-level AdministrationX 


Plan for the Unexpected

A failed communications infrastructure can cost your business in lost sales opportunities and reduced employee productivity. Having a strategy to prepare against the unexpected is critical. Hosted iPBX can greatly add to your Business Continuity planning. Since calls are processed in the Saddleback network, not on your site, business can continue even if your facility is down. We can even automatically sense a disruption and route calls to another location or device automatically. Ask us how Saddleback can help you devise a comprehensive Business Continuity strategy to keep you up and running.

In a traditional environment, multiple connections are required to deliver voice and data, and multiple pieces of equipment needed. With Hosted iPBX, a single IP connection delivers everything you need for voice and data, including the phone system functionality.


Mobility Package Extends Features to your phone or tablet

Saddleback's mobility package is a great way to integrate a mobile device, tablet, or laptop into their coporate communications landscape. It includes downloadable clients for:

  • Windows & Mac OSX based laptops
  • Android-based devices and tablets
  • iOS (Apple) - based devices and tablets

Each of the clients provides full integration with desk phone functions.It also has soft phone functions, enabling the user to send and receive calls from any device.


For a Quote or More Information

For a quote or more information, please call your Saddleback Communications Sales or Service Representative at (480) 362-7150. Please see the FAQ.